Best forex trading platform uk reddit

So I'm reviews wondering option if there are forexfactory any suggestions on books, specific youtube channels, and value for money courses that indicator might be tick worth my while.
I feel I am far off actually getting my hands dirty option as I feel I have parma a binry lot to learn about different techniques and ways to set up a spreadsheet etc, and I feel I can learn something lavoro by reading/watching/listening material as much.
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Press J to jump forex to the feed.Hi all, Just put full 20k in time S S ISA for this year.Have 10k that I am looking to invest forex in specific US stocks feed but I havent kept up with latest offerings.Obviously this sub is very American heavy, but i'm just wondering if any of you are from the UK and if so, lavoro what platforms you use to trade on?More posts from the Forex community.Isn't the inherent robot risk of leveraged trading binry enough for investors?I'm expecting a lot of hard work dont worry, I understand this isn't some shortcut exploit but I'm looking to be efficient robot in my learning experience.I've also seen lots of people complain of shady practices where positions are closed unilaterally for no clear reason other than to reduce losses for the broker.Looking to diversify around 7-10 companies oggi and adjust every quarter so would prefer the lowest imbustamento overall fees that match this.I understand these platforms are in the business of making money but are there any that allow trading of CFDs without binry such questionable practices?There are a lot of youtube videos that have good advice, others are clearly the too good to be true stories but after a while it forex becomes extremely oggi clear that a lot of the free information out there is just copy napoli and pasted.Continue browsing in r/Forex 112, online, your Forex Trading community!After opening a demo account for the past two months forexfactory to get some practice, I'm wanting to try my hand at trading stocks and options for real now. Hi, I'm 21 and currently at uni and have been looking at Forex for a while now.
Thanks for your time.

Hi all, Recently I've been trialling lots of the platforms with mobile apps (212 trading, 500, etoro platform but they all seem to have lots of horrible reviews where trading has been suspended, only to find a sudden drop in value, drastically reducing profits or exaggerating.
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